Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

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Gedeb Worka Chelchele (Chelchelie)
Washing Station is located in the Gedeo
Zone and is named for the village (kebele)
of Chelchelie. The smallholder farmers
frown their coffee on steep mountain
slopes at approximately 1,940-1,970
meters above sea level. The coffee is
grown in the shade of Cordia, Africana,
Acacia, and Ensete trees. The coffee is
picked when the cherries are ripe and
over-ripe and under-ripe cherries are
handpicked and separated before pulping.
Coffees are pulped and allowed to
ferment naturally for 36-48 hours. The
coffee is then washed with clean running
water and sun-dried for approximately 18
days or until the desired moisture content
of 11.5% is reached. Dried parchment is
then stored in a field warehouse until
ready for transport to Addis Ababa.