4 Cup Dark Roast Paper Filter | DC4-100W

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  • The World's 1st Premium Paper Filter by flow-rate difference so that you could enjoy your favorite coffee as you use three different pour-over methods switching coffee paper filters!! 
  • (Each Bag includes 100 paper filters) 
  • 1) Slower Flow Rate for suggested light roast to improve aroma and clean-taste. (LIGHT ROAST)
  • 2) Medium Flow Rate for suggested dark roast to improve body and sweetness (DARK ROAST)
  • 3) Faster Flow Rate for suggested medium roast to improve balance and favor. (MEDIUM ROAST). ****************************************************

For Dark Roast:

  • For Body & Sweetness
  • Thickness-2: Thickness 0.22mm
  • Density: Middle
  • Two-Side Crepe (Dence: low-height)
  • This paper has the “Two-Side Crepe” but the height of the crepe is set to be lower. The surface area is a little larger than that of One-Side Crepe, that is, the adhesion area for fine powder is also larger. In the first half of brewing, because the adhesion of fine powder is not so much so water can flow smoother, but in the last half, its adhesion becomes larger then it applies the brakes to water flow. The first fast and later slow water flow finish up the coffee with body and sweetness.

Why CAFEC Paper Filter?

Our Company owns Coffee shops, Roasting Room and Restaurants  We do R&D for our coffee lovers so you can enjoy coffee anytime and anywhere. We produce high-quality paper filters for specialty coffee. There are many kinds of coffee filter paper in markets, but it would be a big mistake if you think it is just paper and there is not much difference even if which paper you use. Our CAFEC filter paper has a “Two-Side Crepe”. Though another normal paper has crepe on one side only but the CAFEC paper keeps Two-Side Crepe by our original papermaking technology (Air-through dry). Thanks to the best balance of the height of crepe on both sides, it can keep enough air layer between paper and dripper so water can flow an ideal speed. That is, “Two-Side Crepe” can be said proof of good filter paper. It is a paper, but not just a paper!