CAFEC Cup 4 Big Pour-Over Flower Dripper | CFD-4

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What is the best dripper for bringing out a good flavor of coffee at the maximum?

* Please note this is for regular size for 1 to 4 Cup Flower Dripper. (V60 02 size)

As the world's first developer of cone-shaped filter paper, CAFEC launched the “Flower Dripper” as the answer to the question after a long study.

The revolutionary idea to make gouges into the inner surface of the dripper succeeds in keeping enough air layer between paper and dripper. Thanks to it, the coffee powder can expand fully like in a nel dripper. And more, a deep filtering layer is also formed then as much as a good taste of coffee can be brought out. What is good for the best taste of coffee brewed by filter paper? This flower form is our answer.

  • INCLUDES: Matching Measuring Scoop and Simple 4-Step Brewing Instructions! THE EASIEST WAY TO MAKE COFFEE: Do you drink a cup of coffee every single morning? Then get the pour-over coffee dripper and you’ll be able to prepare the most delicious brewed coffee fast and effortlessly! All you have to do is place a cone filter in the dripper and fill it with ground beans. Then place the dripper over your mug or carafe and pour boiling hot water from a kettle over coffee. That was easy, wasn’t it?


  • DIMENSIONS: Top Diameter: 4.25" | Base Diameter: 4" | Height: 3.75". MADE WITH JAPANESE PORCELAIN: The Sanyo Sangyo pour-over coffee dripper is made of high-quality Japanese porcelain. Japan is famous for its refined porcelain techniques, so you can be sure that this pour-over coffee maker looks even prettier in reality than it does in the pictures. So if you’re a coffee-lover, get the porcelain drip coffee maker and upgrade your coffee drinking experience!


  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY: Why spend a fortune on expensive, complicated coffee machines when you can have delicious coffee daily for pennies? All you need is paper filter cones, coffee, and water – no need for electric power, costly coffee capsules, and regular maintenance service. There is no plastic too. The most important part is that it is eco-friendly for the earth and for our body. How can you say no to that? NOTE: This item fits either regular V60 / 02-style disposable cone filters OR OUR VERY OWN Cafec ABACA cone filters in White or Brown


  • PICK ONE OF THE FIVE COLORS or CLEAR PLASTIC: The beautifully designed pour-over coffee dripper comes in five amazing colors and a more economically priced clear-plastic version! Take a look at the pictures and see how great these colors look on our porcelain coffee dippers! So you can choose the colors that you like based on your personal style, personality, mood, and kitchen equipment! Maybe you can even match it with your favorite coffee mug!


FLOWER DRIPPER: Best form for Best flavor = Flower form

The flower dripper keeps a deep filtering layer by making water circulation from center to outside. To prevent the unpleasant taste from going into coffee liquid, a faster and smooth water flow is required. After a long study, CAFEC reached this ideal flower shape at last! Because water does not stay in the dripper, the water volume poured from the top and brought out from the bottom can be kept the same. You can enjoy the best flavor of coffee without an unpleasant taste.