Deep 45 Filter | DDF-100W

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Dripper beyond the dripper Deeper, for much more flavor Somehow want to form a much deeper filtering layer than that by Flower Dripper! Deep Dripper is our answer finally reached from our spirit of inquiry. The bottom angle of a normal cone-shaped dripper is 60°, on the other hand, that of a Deep Dripper is 45°. By narrowing the bottom angle to 45°, we got the unprecedented deeper shape for the deepest filtering layer! Everybody, even a hand-drip beginner can brew a good taste of coffee easily by this Deep Dripper. It is the new standard in the future. This includes only Deep V45 Paper Filter: * One CAFEC 45 Degree Paper Filter for CAFEC 45 Degree Deep Dripper (Pack of 100)* (Retail Value $10) *It is the special filter paper for Deep Dripper.