Honduran Monte Vista, Yellow Honey

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Two years ago I had the privilege to meet Juan Hipp. We had a lively conversation where he shared about his family farm with excitement and enthusiasm for the future. 

Now, with excitement and enthusiasm, we share with you one of his family's coffees, the Yellow Honey Processed coffee. Yellow Honey is fermented for 18 hrs followed by a drying period of 1.5 weeks moving every 30 minutes for even dryness.

This is from Juan himself: 
My grandfather Juan Hipp Sr bought the land in the 60s when there was only a mule trail to access. My dad started working with him a few years later at the age of 13 and has never done anything else besides producing coffee.
I grew up visiting the farm every week and my dad has always been a great mentor.
I come into play about 3 years ago.
Ever since 2012 when Roya hit the farm and we lost over half of our plants, I have wanted to help him and the surrounding families more. Now this is the 3rd year we export our micro lots (creme of the crop) to wonderful Roasters like yourself with Zelie beans and we couldn’t be happier knowing we found a good home for our coffee.