FrankOne™, the first Vacuum-Powered Coffee Maker

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FrankOne™, the first coffee brewer to use a high pressure vacuum to brew cold brew and coffee is set to arrive to market in time for the holidays. The portable coffee and cold brew maker is the first one to feature an innovative brewing method developed by the startup called VacTec™. The brewing technology is able to make intense cold brew in a record time of just 4 minutes and hot coffee that is full bodied and clean in just 30 seconds. FrankOne significantly cuts down the time it takes to make cold brew from several hours to just a few minutes. Cold brew machines currently take 8-12 hours to prepare the beverage compared to 4 minutes FrankOne is able to achieve. “I really like how it makes cold brew, significant cut in brew time with still that sweet, low acid resulting brew that I'd expect from Cold brew,” said Tyler Wood, Coffee Educator at Boston’s renowned George Howell specialty coffee shop.

Frank de Paula, Inc. is named after Francisco de Paula Santander, a Colombian national hero and the person that set up the coffee export business back in the 1800s. The company drew inspiration from him to name the first coffee brewer and extraction method developed in Colombia. FrankOne’s proprietary technology is protected by a pending PCT international patent.