Prime Day Coffee Deals!!!!

Amazon Prime day coffee deals banner
Who doesn't like a good deal? I know I do! I look regularly on the website (it's great for deals). This year is a little different. I am a small business and I want people to shop from us and not the big retail giants. But, I still cannot pass up a good deal.
Here are a few I saw this morning:
1. Gint Thermal Carafes
I have two of these! I love them! they keep your coffee HOT when you want it hot and COLD when you want it cold. 
Gint Black     Gint silver
2. Coffee Scales
I haven't used either of these. But for the price they may be worth checking out. 
coffee scale 1 deal    Coffee scale 2 deal
3. Coffee Grinders I have never used
I have not used either of these. So, I cannot attest to their quality, though they are both burr that's a start. But once again...they are a good deal! And, if I'm honest with myself, they are both probably manufactured in the same factory.
Mueller grinder deal   Enzoo Grinder deal
4. Nitro Cold Brew! 
These are great for those that already do cold brew at home and want to start trying their cold brew as nitro! Let me know if you get one and like it!!! I have seen this brand around for a little while now and I believe they have a good reputation.
 Nitro COld Brew Deal 
5. Turkish Copper Coffee Pot
These are beautiful for display and to practice making Turkish coffee (probably the oldest brewing method still in use today).
Copper Turkish Coffee Pot
6. Odds and Ends
These last two items are kinda random (and fun), so I thought you all might like them. 
Coffee Wrapping Paper    Bamboo Coffee Traveling Cup
While grabbing deals today on Amazon Prime day, order some Zelie Beans Coffee